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How-to apply Accessorials to a Shipment Order 

Accessorials are selected during the booking process, when the pick-up and drop-off process requires specific measures that extend past simple dock-to-dock transport. When booking a shipment, carrier or shipping companies like OpenBorder will offer an array of possible accessorials to apply to your order.  

Here’s a quick definition of a few possible accessorials: 

Inside (Pickup/Delivery):  

This accessorial should be applied when a carrier’s pickup/delivery process must involve going inside the location. This could happen when there is an absence of a loading dock or box outside.  


If the package needs to be picked up or delivered to a tradeshow or exhibition, carriers may have to abide by certain rules enforced by these locations. Locations classified as tradeshows or exhibitions can range from concerts to formal conventions.  


This should be applied when a carrier must schedule a certain date and time to pickup/deliver a shipment. Most carriers can set appointments for deliveries; however, pickup appointments are less common and often need a 4-hour buffer window.  


When the pickup or delivery location is missing a raised loading dock, carriers can use special trucks with hydraulic lift at the back to move heavier loads when this accessorial is applied. 

Residential/Limited Access:  

This will be applied when carriers deliver or pickup from a location with limited access. The location is often private, meaning extra communication is required to locate the point of pickup/drop-off. Limited access locations include schools, universities, hospitals, homes, and areas with gate check-in and security measures.  

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